New Years Day SA 2015

 Celebrating New Years day 2015 with Stefan and Andre

New Years Day SA 2015

Christmas 2016

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  Recent updates!!!!    GAFIRS New Year's Day Swim, Thursday, 1st January 2015 at 12 noon

GAFIRS New Year's Day Swim, Thursday, 1st January 2015 at 12 noon


rugby Saracens v Sharks 25.1.14

   rugby Cardiff 9th November 2013

Rugby Cardiff 9.11.13

This is the home page for Adrian's website.
 The purpose of the website is for family members to be able to access
  • pictures from Picasa 
  • videos from YouTube 
  • Links of interest - new sub heading under "contact form" 
  • Musings from Alverstoke blog
 The domain name van Schalkwyk.com has been registered and is hosted and thus it is also possible for family members to have vanSchalkwyk.com email addresses such as  adrian@vanschalkwyk.com.  In future should that person want to change their ISP providor, due to cheaper rates or faster internet access being available elsewhere, they can easily do so without having to worry about their email address having to change.

family pictures


Rugby SA v Ireland at Lee's 2012


Rugby Autumn tour 2014


Sandy,Ron, Murray & Carmen


Gell & family


Christmas 2014


Jubilee street party June 2012


Pips & family